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Water Rights Management

Stanka Consulting, LTD is conveniently located within a few minutes of the State Engineer's Office, allowing us to review files, submit applications, maps, and other documents, and discuss projects with NDWR staff at a moment's notice.


We have multiple Licensed Water Rights Surveyors on Staff.  If it's related to the Nevada Division of Water Resources, we can help.  The following is a list of some of our more common services offered:


 On-Site Surveys

 GIS Mapping

 AutoCad Mapping

 Review of Water Rights/ Water Rights Files

 Comprehensive Data Analysis

 Preparation and filing of Nevada Water Rights Permits, Reports of Conveyance

 Preparation and filing of Nevada Proof of Completion of Works, and Proof of Beneficial use

 Research and Generation of Technical Reports










3108 Silver Sage Drive
Suite 102
Carson City, Nevada  89701
TEL:  (775)  885 - 9283
FAX:  (775)  546 - 4271

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